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Framna: “Our ambition is to become the world's leading digital product agency”


– Newly appointed CEO Joacim Jeppesen is set to spearhead ambitious growth plans. Among the goals are to hire 1,000+ new colleagues and expand to several new markets.

Last year, a leading digital product agency was established on the foundation of Bontouch in Sweden and Shape in Denmark—well-known for their award-winning digital products. Together they joined forces with the private equity firm Waterland on an international growth journey.

Shape and Bontouch are integrated companies, and today they officially become one brand, Framna.

“It is both an honor and a pleasure to be leading such an ambitious vision with a uniquely strong and committed team. Bontouch and Shape have each demonstrated their strength and achieved strong positions based on their commitment to crafting digital products that are loved by users and have a strong business impact for the brand partners. Both agencies have 
experienced continuous double-digit growth since 2010, and with Framna, we are setting the bar even higher. Our ambition is to grow to up to five times our current size,” says Joacim Jeppesen, who took the reins as CEO on May 1st.

Joacim Jeppesen brings with him a wealth of international experience from global digital agency Valtech, where he played a pivotal role in the company’s growth and expansion during his 17-year tenure. During that period the company grew from 1,000 to over 6,000 employees. He last served as Chief Growth Officer and has previously cultivated an extensive portfolio of achievements across the globe, including the Nordics, Europe, and the US.

Born Nordic with Global Strength

Framna’s ambition is to become the world’s leading digital product agency. Fulfilling this ambition requires leading expertise on the team, and the current 400 employees at Framna can look forward to welcoming more than a thousand new colleagues over the next few years.

“We are born Nordic but have always been global in mindset and approach. We want to be the world’s leading digital product agency, and to ensure that we need to grow organically and acquire strong players with the same passion for cutting-edge digital product development that drives us forward,” says Joacim Jeppesen and continues, “we want to be the default choice when international brands and companies need a specialized partner to help them 
innovate, design, develop, and scale their digital products.

Framna has set a milestone to reach a revenue level of 200+ million EUR in the coming years. This corresponds to a quadrupling of the current revenue.

Clients to Become Winners in Their Respective Categories

Both Shape and Bontouch have developed innovative digital products for over two decades, resulting in a strong relationship with Apple and Google. Among the clients are brands and companies such as PostNord, SEB, IKEA, Swish, OK, Novo Nordisk, 3M, B&O, H&M, Essity, PureGym, Svenske Jernbaner, Systembolaget, REMA 1000, and many more. Framna’s digital 
products reach more than 100 million users across the world, and process 5 billion EUR in transactions, every month.

Framna’s go-to-market vision is to make the agency’s clients category winners. This means, among other things, that the clients’ digital products must be the best in their field.

“Several of Framna’s clients are brands and companies that were established and grew large in the twentieth century. The game has changed for brands and corporations, and to defend and expand their position, they need to protect themselves against smaller digital players who quickly gain market shares with innovation and the ability to adapt to new and shifting trends 
and needs. We assist our clients, who we by the way, always refer to as our ‘partners’, in this regard, and we have developed a model where we function as startup-as-a-service for our clients,” says Joacim Jeppesen.

Currently, Framna has seven studios in five countries: Sweden, Denmark, UK,
USA, and Switzerland. The ambition is to expand quickly to several other 



About Framna

At Framna, we create digital products that millions of people worldwide depend on daily. Collaborating closely with some of the world's most ambitious brands – including IKEA, H&M, PostNord, SEB, Swish, OK, B&O, Systembolaget, Post-it, Novo Nordisk, Essity, and many others—we strive to make them leaders in their respective industry categories by delivering high-quality, award-winning digital products.

Framna has emerged from the strong product-led culture of Shape and Bontouch joining forces. Our 400+ colleagues work across seven studios located in Sweden, Denmark, UK, USA, and Switzerland.

In our quest to become the world’s leading digital product agency, we will significantly expand our global presence over the coming years. We look forward to welcoming many new colleagues from around the world who share our passion for designing and building cutting-edge digital products.


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