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Our Bright Future: A Message from the CEO

Photo of Joacim Jeppesen

I am thrilled to introduce Framna, the culmination of our journey as Shape and Bontouch. After merging a year ago, we took the time to carefully consider our new brand identity, and now we’re proud to share it with everyone. 

This brand identity embodies our mission which is to make a positive impact through world-class, delightful products, crafted in close collaboration with our brand partners. 

Our Brand

The name Framna is rooted in Old Norse, reflecting our Nordic heritage and meaning "to bring forward," "to produce," and "to evoke or imagine.” In other words, shaping the future and what’s coming. It embodies our ambition and continuous drive to extend and expand our capabilities in the digital product space, creating innovative and forward-thinking products that help businesses become leaders within their categories - because when it comes to digital products, it’s a ‘winner takes all’ market. 

Our rebranding to Framna represents a consolidation of our strengths, merging the best of Shape and Bontouch to create the future of digital products. Our trusted client partnerships are a critical component to our success, because we create the best and most beautiful products in close collaboration with our partners - not “for” our partners, but “with” our partners. This collaboration model and mindset is so ingrained into our beliefs that we've embedded it into our brand mark, representing both the letter "F" for Framna, and the ampersand (&). Framna & Partner. Tightly connected.

Our ambition

We’ve set an ambitious goal to become the world’s leading digital product agency! This aspiration is a natural extension of everything we’ve achieved so far, having built some of the most widely used digital products for the most well-known brands in the Nordics and globally. Reaching millions of users every single day. It also means, continuously raising the bar and being world-class in three key areas that we’re committed to: 

Products - We aim to define, design and build the most meaningful, cutting-edge digital products that delight users and drive business value for our brand partners. We do this by mastering the best full product-life-cycle methodologies, and in tight bonds to the leading technology and platform providers. By setting new benchmarks for product experience, we help our partners become leaders in their respective markets.

People - We strive to be a workplace that attracts and retains the best and brightest talent from across the world. People who care deeply about our partners, our products, and their colleagues. Our teams thrive when diverse competencies and perspectives unlock new insights, ideas, and value for our partners. Everyone’s benefiting from our “galaxy brain,” a vast mesh of knowledge and expertise available to everyone, everywhere, all the time.

Partners - We attract the most ambitious brands and businesses that aspire to be product leaders in their categories. Our partners value quality and understand that their competitive advantage and ability to drive business outcomes lies in delivering exceptional user experiences, excellent utility, and pushing the boundaries with innovation to stay ahead of their competition.

Fulfilling our ambition requires scale, so we will be growing rapidly in the coming years, welcoming thousands of new colleagues across the world. This growth will occur both organically and by welcoming other like-minded agencies to join Framna—teams that share our cultural values, deep product focus, and ambitious vision.

Our Guiding Principles

At Framna, we are committed to being 'the inspiring partner' in all that we do. This is a standard we hold ourselves accountable to, and in order to maintain this standard, we adhere to a set of principles that are intrinsically linked to our identity and the way we operate. 

  • Ignite Passion: We infuse every project with enthusiasm and a relentless curiosity to explore new perspectives.

  • Build Trust: We foster deep relationships built on a foundation of mutual trust and continuous learning.

  • Craft Excellence: We are committed to excellence at every stage, from strategy and design to implementation and delivery.

  • Uphold Integrity: We prioritize people over profit, making decisions that reflect our commitment to doing the right thing.

These guiding principles are shared by all of our 400 colleagues across our seven studios, and they will continuously lead us as we evolve and grow into new markets in the coming years.

My Excitement

I am deeply humbled by having recently joined Framna and to have the opportunity to work with such capable, innovative, forward-thinking, and good-spirited people. A team whose work has been widely recognized, whether in the form of industry awards; recognition by our technology partners like Apple, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft; or our loyal brand partners who have trusted us with their digital products for years. And if anyone can fulfill the ambition we’ve set, I’m confident this is the team. I’m just honored to have the opportunity to be part of this remarkable journey we have ahead of us.


Joacim M. Jeppesen
Group CEO, Framna

Crafting products that matter.